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PTA has established a well equipped technical institute in financial collaboration with the Government out of EDF under the name of National Institute of Leather Technology (NILT) at Korangi, Karachi which is catering to the needs of upgrading the leather sector industry particularly through skill development of the workforce in the manufacturing units. The institute provides Certificate and Diploma Courses and has a fully qualified faculty team.

Another leather training institute has also been setup at Gujranwala for the same purpose to keep pace with the world's modern fashion trend to be competitive in the international quality conscious market of leather and leather products.

PTA has established a fully fledged Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) at Korangi, industrial Area, Karachi for tannery waste water which is catering to the needs of the tanneries located at Korangi Karachi general public, marine life as well as well as to meet NEQs which is mandatory requirement of the foreign buyers for recycling the waste water for use in the process of tanning.

A similar treatment plant has also been setup at Kasur aimed at combating severe industrial pollution.

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