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Karachi, 1st July, 2011: The Chairman, Pakistan Tanners’ Association, Mr. Khurshid Alam  once again expressed the deep concern on the focal issues of Leather Industry of Pakistan as made below.

(A) Impose Complete Ban on Export of Wet Blue Leather/ Wet Blue Split Leather of all kinds / Raw Hides & Skins and Pickled Leather from Pakistan

Mr. Khurshid Alam, Chairman, PTA  in his earlier press statement issued to all print & Electronic media informed a Resolution has been passed by PTA with the consensus of all allied stakeholders of Leather Industry i.e. Leather Garments, Leather Footwear & Leather Gloves to impose a complete on export of Wet Blue Leather/Wet Blue Split Leather of all kinds, Raw Hides & skins and Pickled Leather from Pakistan, which is severely shortage within the country for meeting the domestic demand of the Industry.

The Chairman, PTA, Mr. Khurshid Alam also raised this vital issue of the Industry during an Important Meeting held at Ministry of Commerce, Islamabad recently and threadbare discussion on the matter it was assured to PTA’s Delegation that further course of action would be taken in this regard to secure the domestic Industry of the country, which is the 2nd biggest export oriented value added Industry of the country for meeting its local demand for ensure & smooth supply of this basic raw materials.

Mr. Khurshid Alam, Chairman, PTA hopes that “ Early Announcement” for imposing a complete Ban on export of wet blue leather / wet blue split leather of all kinds/raw hides & skins and pickled leather from Pakistan” would be announced by the Government to facilitate the Local Industry in procuring the raw materials for meeting its export demands for fetching previous foreign exchange of the country.

(B) Smuggling of Live Animals from Pakistan to Iran & Afghanistan.

The burning issue for the Export of Live Animals Legally from Pakistan to Iran & Afghanistan AND Smuggling of Live Animals was also came under discussion in the MOC’s Meeting held at Islamabad and PTA’s delegation was firmly assured that necessary immediate preventive measures would be announced very shortly to plug this hole also for ensure supply of basic raw materials to the Industry in general and to reduce the Meat Price in Pakistan for the general masses.


Mr. Khurshid Alam, Chairman, PTA also expressed his deep concern to the News appeared in Print & Electronic Media necessary contemplation is being made by the Government of Pakistan for the suspension of Gas of 3 Days in Punjab and 2 Days in Sindh, which would be implemented subject to the approval of Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Mr. Khurshid Alam, Chairman, Pakistan Tanners Association reiterated to inform during a Press Statement issued today to all print & electronic media that Pakistan’s 2nd biggest export oriented valued added Industry is already at the verge of collapse owing to lack of basic infrastructure and presently confronting shortage of Gas to meet the essential demand of the Industry, while the proposed Gas Suspension may be the cause to close Leather Factories/Units in Pakistan.

This critical situation has repeatedly been brought into the notice through Press Releases and special PTA’s letters addressed to the Honourable President of Pakistan, Prime Minister of Pakistan, Commerce Minister & Ministries concerned for taking serious note on the irregularity of Gas & Electricity, but nothing has come out positively as yet, besides the situation is being converted from deteriorated to worst day by day specially for Leather Industry of Pakistan particularly in Punjab.

Mr. Khurshid Alam, Chairman, PTA appeals to the Honourable President of Pakistan & Honorable Prime Minister of Pakistan to issue necessary directives to the quarters concerned to avoid this consideration for the Gas Suspension and ensure supply of Gas to Leather Industry of Pakistan through-out a week for its smooth functioning and execution of export orders timely to enable to fetch precious foreign exchange for the national exchequer.

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