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PTA (S.Z) Environmental Society has set up a Combined Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) for Korangi Tannery Cluster in Korangi Industrial Area (KIA), Karachi. It is a state-of-the-art-project being the first of its kind in Pakistan in terms of its nature, ownership, capacity and technology. The project has a unique distinction of being the largest environmental project that was initiated, implemented and is being operated by the EML.

The total cost of the Project is Rs.492 million and main partners /stakeholders are: Trade Development Authority of Pakistan (TDAP), Ministry of Commerce, Govt. of Pakistan, PTA (Southern Zone), Govt. of Netherlands, Govt. of Sindh and City District Government, Karachi.

The CETP has a capacity to treat a total of 42,000 Cubic Meters per day of wastewater which includes 16,500 cubic meters per day tannery wastewater and 26,000 cubic meters per day of domestic wastewater. The important features of CETP of are as follows:

The country’s first wastewater treatment plant with Environmental Management System being implemented right from its commissioning.

Based on the Dutch Technology named as Up-Flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket (UASB) technology having the low operation and maintenance cost. The CETP is speared over an area of 15 acres of land and catering the requirement of about 150 tanneries of Korangi Tannery Cluster.

Conveyance System over 12 kms to bring the tannery effluent from the individual tannery to the main CETP as well as to bring the domestic sewage from Karachi Wastewater & Sewerage Board Pumping Station-II (PS-II) to the main CETP. Through 3.2 kms pressure pipeline and installation of pumps and other facilities within the premises of PS-II. The domestic sewage pays a major role for treatment of effluent.

The objective of the CETP is to benefit tanning community at Korangi Cluster, general public, marine life as well as to meet National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) which is a mandatory requirement of the foreign buyers. In this way, CETP is not only rendering its services for friendly environment for mankind, in general and marine life, in particular as well as to boost up the export of the leather commodity which is the 2nd highest foreign exchange earning commodity of the country.

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